Recuperating missing opportunities: Market entrance in Brazil and Russia

In the new shape of world economy it is difficult to define the relevant parameters for corporate growth: The economic shrinking and calls after new regulation instruments do not allow solid forecasts. The growth potential in West Europe and North America aren’t a base for any hopeful business strategy.

Thus the market entrance intro fast growing emerging markets is even more attractive. There are not only the higher investment budgets (for instance for shipbuilding in Brazil and for automotive in Russia) and macroeconomic growth rates. There is also the visible independence of those countries from world economy’s shape. Once such demand market is penetrated by you, the new sales may sustain European jobs.

sym_1Spelleken Assoc. with their head office in Alzenau near Frankfurt am Main permanently observe the conditions for production and sales in Europe and the Americas. This includes the support of sourcing and productions-set-up or sales development by their own composed local teams. This working scheme implies the tandem of German quality assurance and national market intelligence, as well as the scientific-analytical transparency and the orientation towards recent industrial requirements.

Spelleken Assoc. offer you a fast, safe market introduction in most BRIC-countries (exception for now: China). Our tools are the lean, affordable, humble and target-oriented services:

  1. Brief market study with comparison of products and competition and a summarised proposal for a straight sales set-up
  2. Action plan with company-set-up, recruiting and similar
  3. Use of local and Federal German subsidies
In a personal talk we present our conceptual proposals. You reach us under +49 6023 503288 or