Knowledge and competence of Spelleken Assoc. are based on project experiences in a country. Within the public development cooperation and business development we had the fortune to develop a lot of countries in Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. Thereby we learned to understand the language and culture of people as well as the bureaucracy and way of working of the significant institutional basic conditions and applicable rules in the location.

Today we make the difference between central countries in category A that will be pictured in the following maps. Aside there are partner countries in category B who can be found in our references and be represented by reliable partner companies. In countries in category C we can try to help you in addition.

euro_smallIn Central East Europe we specialised ourselves in the central countries Bulgaria, Croatia, Kasachstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Rusia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary. In Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Poland and Russia we are represented by reliable partners.

sa_smallIn Latin America we are capable of acting, but we specialised ourselves in Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.