Economic Sectors

Spelleken Association embraces a general specialisation, i.e. has its staff specialised in micro- and macro-economy, with no methodical technical skills. However, due to its experience of working in various countries, the enterprise professionally supported enterprises operating within high value added sectors that consumed intensive labor and faced a rather intense competition.

The consulted companies include constructions enterprises and construction materials and machinery manufacturing companies, automobile spare parts manufacturing companies, ship and offshore machinery manufacturing companies, forestry and environment, food processing, IT & telecommunication, textile.

Construction and technologies used in construction field

bau-1Spelleken Associates hold up German companies - producers and sellers of materials for constructions, embedding both design and technology, such as bathroom accessories, fixture systems, adhesives or masonry materials. Along with these products, Spelleken Association supports construction and design firms. The sector is staffed with projection engineers, and water supply and sewage systems suppliers.

Automobile Spare Parts

What constituted the apparel sector of 1990s is nowadays represented by the automobile auto-1spare parts sector. These firms depend on well trained workers with fine manual skills while anchored in local environment. In South Eastern Europe, and in every other place where the living standard is still modest, people are willing to work in smooth and stable structures oriented towards ensuring quality. Spelleken Assoc. has a good knowledge of the labor market, labor migration, political and institutional development to ensure a good planning for both production and logistics. The important thing is to have a long-term vision and to ensure an optimal selection of locations.

Ship and Offshore Machinery Manufacturing

wasser-1Starting 2006, Spelleken Assoc. developed the markets of big emerging countries for firms supplying spare parts or participating in manufacturing of ships or of platforms. Acting in partnership with branch employer associations from Hamburg, they managed to carry out successful market penetration actions, particularly in Sao Paulo, Rio, and more recently, in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. They always combine joint efforts (delegations, direct presentations) with individual ones (market researches, recruitment). The German marine sector is gaining super-proportional and very profitable market shares in the BRIC countries. This is to the benefit of small and medium enterprises oriented towards applying new technologies and capable to learn.

Forestry and Wood Processing

forst-1Through projects carried out in Romania, Spelleken Assoc. managed to organize some groups of well-carried out researchers and practitioners. The services range from forest classification, its measurements and evaluation, biodiversity and environmental projects to water supply concepts and management for forest investment companies and wood processing industry.

Agriculture and Food Industry

Agriculture has prevailed over the past 20 years of implementing assistance projectsernhrung. Natural resources of soil and sun, and traditional farming skills constitute the income sources of rural population. As references of that are the women from Choluteca (Honduras), candied fruit growers from Huehuetenango (Guatemala), sauce producers from Jamaica or vine growers from the Republic of Moldova.

By the end of 1990s, the outstanding competence of Spelleken Assoc. generated export promotion projects based on the Fairs Concept (ANUGA, Prowein, Green Week), and economic missions in the OECD countries, as well as on an objective and effective methodology for identifying proper partners for both sides. Starting 2005, food industry, with its machinery, equipment, and recipes became part of Spelleken Assoc.’s consulting and training activity. Reference companies include Global Food Network from Northern Renan Westphalia, Belgrade Specialized Center, and food sectors from Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Romania, and Serbia.

IT and Telecommunication Technologies

Since 1999, programmers, web designers, IT firms and software suppliers iktdetermined Spelleken Assoc. to start searching for partners. Initially, the firm would provide subcontracting mediation or bringing IT specialists through German Green Card, while later, the firm constituted the IT support firm “Neustart” (corporate name Pro-IT GbR), cooperated with Wittmann EDV-Systems and many others.
In 2008, Spelleken Assoc. expanded its sector orientation towards telecommunication public and private firms from Germany, Republic of Moldova, and Romania. South-East European banks operating within similar institutions from Germany and Latin America benefit from a special attention of the firm.

Textile and Apparel Industry

The apparel and knitwear companies located in Münster or in the Lower Rhine region, as well as the skins and hides industry located in Offenbach region have been relocated first to bekleidung-1South and Central Europe, then further to Romania, Ukraine, and Balkan counties, such as Albania or Macedonia. Since 1990s, Spelleken Assoc. has been supporting such well-developed brands as Teamdress, Hamburg, Leineweber Brax, and Herford. These companies founded sustainable production structures in partner countries and would need skilled and efficiently re-qualified workers there.
The experience gained in constituting such production structures, oftentimes new or green-field ones, by combining many other factors has inspired the Spelleken Assoc. consultants to use such  Ramp-Up know-how for highly manufacturing sectors, as automobile spare parts, and construction materials.

Environment and Energy

The border with the constructions sector is fluid. Public utilities (electricity, gas, sewage, sanitation) deserve being conferred a special importance as future markets and as sensitive social systems. The latter are interesting from the point of view of both development policy, and commercial considerations.

Therefore, Spelleken Assoc. has periodically advised projection engineers, technical equipment manufacturer, and system suppliers in the given sectors. The firm’s contributions have concentrated on subsidization, and bi- and multilateral programs supported by the European Union, World Bank, and German federal institutions.

As outstanding references could serve the Regional Planning Project in Timis County (Romania), Water Supply Project in the Republic of Moldova and Serbia, Public Utility Service Projects in Kosovo, Republic of Moldova, Romania, and Serbia, Training Planning Project in Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine, as well as Infrastructure Planning Project in Bulgaria. Though activities in areas, such as energy efficiency in Brazil, and through developing public utility terminal and service projects in Honduras and Guatemala (in particular, sanitation concepts for the capital), Spelleken Assoc. has gained an extended experience in the environmental area in Latin America.