On one hand our clients have the ambition towards our partner countries to expand sales and relocate production. The target of expansion is to use fast growing markets that have double-digit rates of growth and, unlike Germany, long lasting growth; or the utilisation from the low factor prices especially for industrial wages, the cheap production costs by justifiable productivity.

On the other hand investments have to be secured in these countries with a foresighted, holistic and realistic consideration of the regional general conditions, especially in the traditional or new institutions and the human and corporate culture.

Wenn wir kommerzielle Expansion wirtschaftlich nennen und deren strategische Absicherung nachhaltig, dann befindet sich die Arbeit von Spelleken Assoc. stets in diesem Dilemma und ist darauf ausgerichtet, es für den Kunden zu schließen. Die Geschäftsfelder fokussieren entsprechend verschiedene spezifische Risiken im Koordinatenkreuz des Dilemmas:

  • Our business area Teambuilding calls the central idea of successfully market development, namely the regardful consideration of local talents to enlarge our own company culture oriented towards the local partner. Our Team Building helps to reach many targets: human resources search and selection (Global Recruiting), Human Resources Exchange, Team Building, training, coaching, human resource development, modular implement training (MIT) and payment systems help altogether implement a powerful Task Force. They make grow your company results.
  • Outsourcing means the relocation abroad from production- and sales structures into the partner countries and has a pack of consequent activities for the utilisation of the cost- and increase advantages of the partner country. Part of the outsourcing is a regional location comparison, the search and selection of adapted industry- and trading estates, their renegotiation, control, planning, building permission (clearing) as well as the coordination from technical measures up to the opening of plant or subsidiary. With our high-level references we prove to prepare every location.
  • Cooperation assistance is one of our classical services; here we have a look of your perspective cooperation potentials and search the best of all companies in the country for you with a view to reach a systemic partnership. Beside the technological and trade potentials we have a look at the management mentality, recoverability and development potential. Like at Global Recruiting all the attributes will be weighted, measured and compared, a short list with favourites is the result. With the proper you can safe fixed costs, use local potentials and safe the short management capacities in your headquarter.