Co-operation Assistance

Decreasing current-cost returns on the German and European markets require a courageous approach to new markets. Subsidiaries abroad generate further growth, both in acquisition and sales. By co-operation investment costs can be shared and local management talents can be employed. Cooperation, however, should be based on equal terms, mutual benefit in the parter country, it should inspire confidence, and be on a long-term basis.

We know the countries, the risks, the subsidies available, and have successfully accompanied many co-operations:
  • Events: study tours, trade fair participation, trade fair exhibition, entrepreneurs' meetings, and direct presentation trips
  • Brief market study: based on selected indicators, a description of the relevant company's situation in the country including competition, consumption pattern and or investors' habits.
  • Market study: extensive description of the initial situation and conditions in the country, designed for corporate needs; market research and up-to-date market questionnaires based on significant indicators including potential analyses (sales as per industry sectors, distribution channels, competition etc.); according to selected ratios, description of the particular company's situation in the country including competition, consumers' and / or investors' behaviour.
  • Assessment and selection of potential partners for co-operation: pre-negotiation in the foreign country, contract design and presentation, moderation of an acknowledgement
    trip for contract manufacturing, common projects and merger, organisation of study tours abroad
  • Feasibility study with profit and loss calculus, liquidity forecast and bank-wise credit-application with conception and request of subsidies in the external economy
  • Marketing and promotion(strategies, concepts, brochures and web-sites)