Product Match™
Cost 3 to 30 thsd. €
Implementation Period 6 to 12 weeks
Time-Lag to Impact 6 to 12 weeks
Type of Result Market Penetration

Corporate Search abroad: Fitting Partners make Success with Match™

Spelleken Assoc. seek the one fitting dealer as your production or distribution partner in the target country of developing and transition countries. With creative search, analytical selection and precision in the intercultural interpretation and adoption of requirements we determine success. You will find the corporate partner who will challenge and use the market opportunities of yours.

The prerequisite is defining sincerely your possibilities. In partner countries, the framework and conditions are different, the markets growth faster, the surplus is substantially higher.. To go alone can be expensive, the alliance with a still hungry but well established local enterprise can help. Good references and sales' network are a must, while willingness for growth and excellence are to be developed together.
How to find such enterprises? Spelleken Assoc. are working with those countries for many years, handling their cultural code and language. We have established consulting tandems in twenty countries in Europe and the Americas: we manage as much as necessary in Alzenau, Germany, covering quality assurance, finance and monitoring, but we implement our projects with mainly local resources. Thus we know the elites in the country and their compatibility with your corporate culture.

We identify the fitting foreign partner like we recruit high potentials.

The followings are the steps to go:

  • Common clarification of the requirements
  • Mixed measures between institutional and direct search
  • Sorting by list, critical phone call, assessment, Scoring I
  • Interview with the favorite candidates, Scoring II
  • Synoptical profiling and judgement by the client
  • Selection talks by the client in that country

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