In your field, production abroad is a must. But you want to design your foreign investment strategically, to expand unerringly, and to control cost-oriented. We support you to choose the right country and location and to plan scientifically your production. As observers of the evolution of market economy at meso level, we compare the countries with criticism and we include your strategy on the long run in the individual consulting. Your revenues and current cost returns will be predictable, and you will need less staff for the management of your branches abroad.

We also support you locally to implement the planning. This means real estate search and selection, evaluation and the management of authorisations to get the building authorization, contracting and production start.

In particular, we offer you the following tools:

  • Feasibility studies for the set-up of your foreign branch: product, market, profitability and liquidity with our comprehensive business planning software.
  • Support for founding a subsidiary: issues in accordance with the letter of the law and requiring official approval, local and regional subsidies, search for the most suitable facility and our support during realisation.
  • Set-up of a production: based on the feasibility study including the facility search, clearing, planning of construction or rehabilitation, project management until ramp-up, facility management and set-up of production.
  • Plant and business management with a management contract: interim-management, production planning and controlling, production supervision, controlling, tax and customs support, purchase of big projects (including weekly recommendations, research and support in building the offer).