Production Reengineering™

Product Production Ramp-up or Reengineering™
Cost 12 to 60 thsd. €
Implementation Period 12 to 24 weeks
Time-Lag to Impact 9 to 18 months
Type of Result Assure ability to grow and maximum cost-efficiency

Tightening Processes and Sustaining Personnel by Production Reengineering™

Existing or new production facilities require a permanent care: offices have to be compared, providers have to be qualified, organisation structures be developed and the staff to be always motivated unless you accept growing costs and sinking growth.

Spelleken Assoc. have set up production since twenty years, composing management teams, evaluating purchasing options and covering running management tasks. With such rich experience we use to tackle your flow and conditions.

By Production Ramp-up or Reengineering within weeks we update the configuration of your production facilities reorganising crucial processes or confirming excellent solutions already achieved.

The steps:

  • Status-Quo-Diagnosis
  • Regional location comparison (the labour market, grants, cluster factors)
  • Purchase, management and grants reimbursement
  • Management of investment planning (process management)
  • Real estate search and selection
  • Pre-negotiation, pre-contract
  • Getting the building authorisation (Clearing I)
  • Pre-recruitment, and recruitment
  • Planning management (Clearing II)
  • Scoring, selection and supervise construction (Clearing III)
  • Coaching and controlling
  • Evaluation and replanning

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