Promotion of Investment and Trade

As a non-governmental organisation or a public unit you plan to set-up service structures and to strengthen self-help capability in the partner country. You are interested in the organisation and marketing, but foremost in the development and co-operation by economic integration. Sustainable Management Resources and regenerative energies belong to that. We start at the human being and his management instruments, leading them to international standards. Workable, participative and sustainable organisations are our objectives.

Other issues of public interest suppose knowing public strategies and financing sources. We start from this basis and we include non-refundable financing sources of different entities (land, Federal Government, EU, European Bank and the World Bank) in individual consulting, hence, we support co-financing action plans.
  • Personnel development: personality, teamwork and organisation
  • Organisational development: goals, environment, change, and promotion
  • Self-Help-organisation: instruments, workflow, economy, and safeguarding results
  • Instruments of self-finance for NGO's: in particular SME-associations, organisations for export and investment promotion
  • Site screening / market research: potential analysis of cities, regions, and municipalities based on selected features
  • Site marketing: for cities, administrative districts and countries
  • Development projects, like PPP, covering up to 50% of the co-financing for your training or expertise center