Sales' Expansion™

Product Sales' Expansion™
Cost 6 to 30 thsd. €
Implementation Period 12 weeks
Time-Lag to Impact 3 to 6 months
Type of Result Millionary additional sal

Additional Turnover in East Europe by Sales’ Expansion™

Spelleken Assoc. develop, check and complete your sales' strategy in our wider Europe. Based on local and regional experience and tailor-made distributing partners we complement your sales channels, your promotion and your tools with a set of additional opportunities.

While in the old EU and Northamerica we do not grow much, any more, the emerging markets in Central Europe come up with high recovery rates and backlog demand. To use this chance is a must for most of the established industries.

The technological demand of the foreign locations bring other relevant options: there, some of your current logistical and sales instruments do still attract. The still unfolding markets absorb and confirm creative or even established sales policies with a smart monitoring.

Spelleken Assoc. are specialised in developing and transition countries for many years. We have operative consulting teams in twenty countries of Europe and the Americas: we manage as much as necessary in Alzenau, Germany, covering quality assurance, finance and monitoring, but we implement our projects with mainly local resources. Therefore we know the best performing sales system there and their ability to fit with you.

The steps to go:

  • Definition of the precise requirements and benchmarks for region and client
  • Local diagnosis, research and action planning
  • Training and coaching for the assurance of market maturity (if not given)
  • Identification of additional key sales partners
  • Measures for cristallisation and regional / national coverage
  • Simultaneous strategies and their monitoring
  • Evaluation

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