Global Recruiting™

Product Global Recruiting™
Cost 5 to 15 thsd. €
Implementation Period 6 to 8 weeks
Time-Lag to Impact 10 to 12 weeks
Type of Result To get national player abroad

Outperformers from Walachia by Global Recruiting™

Spelleken Assoc. seek outstanding management talents in transition and developing countries. The success of such search process depends on:
  • creative sources
  • analytical selection and
  • impecable precision.

Particularly, the best result is achieved when we interpretate the client’s requirements in an intercultural way.

With such staff you are able to succeed in new markets, since for building manufacturing capacities or for expanding of sales you can count with those genuine change agents. Receive the stimulation of the spirit and dynamics of the Central- or East European professionals without neglecting of your own corporate culture.

How you make that? Spelleken Assoc. are since years specialists in developing and transition countries. In twenty countries of Europe and America we have established tandems: as much German managemant as necessary, as much local strength as possible. Thus we know the elites abroad and their compatibility with your corporate culture.

The steps:

  • Common clarification of requirements towards position and applicant
  • Mixed measures of media and direct search
  • Sorting of CVs, Scoring and Ranking I
  • Interview and Assessment of the favorite candidates, Scoring II
  • Synoptical profiling and judgement by the client
  • Selection talks with the client

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